CalMatters investigates how immigrants are avoiding food stamps and MediCal on the threat of federal administration’s rule on “public charge.” “The new rule could affect more than 2 million Californians, most of whom are not subject to the regulation, and could result in 765,000 people dis-enrolling from MediCal and CalFresh, according to UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research.”


According to the latest Census figures, the number of Californians living in poverty has decreased, but more than 1 in 6 residents still struggle to afford basic necessities. Additionally, income inequality has increased in the state; median household income has increased from 2006-2018, but real income for the households in the lowest 20% of income has decreased. 


Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs is piloting universal basic income in Stockton, and the first data from the 18-month-long pilot (launched in February) shows that the 125 recipients of the additional $500 per month are spending the money mostly on basic needs, including food, clothes and utility bills.


A new report from the Public Policy Institute of California shows how the voting population of California does NOT reflect the true diversity and perspectives of the state. “…California once again faces the prospect of an electorate making policy decisions that neglect the realities and problems facing large and growing segments of society. … Expanding the electorate even more might inject some optimism into politics, given nonvoters are much more optimistic about the prospects that Americans of different political views can still come together and work out their differences. … In the long run, …having a larger and more engaged electorate that is more broadly representative of the people of California would be a source of political stability for a state that increasingly relies on the ballot box to make its major policy decisions.” CDTF’s central purpose is to build the political power of new majority communities, and this report underlines the urgency and importance of our work in partnership with POC-led regional tables and community groups throughout the state.


Criminal Justice

George Gascon resigned as San Francisco District Attorney and announced he is moving to Los Angeles to explore a challenge to LA DA Jackie Lacey. 


The bail industry has decided not to pursue an initiative to amend the state constitution and will focus on the already-qualified referendum to overturn SB10 cash bail reform bill passed last year and put on hold until after the 2020 election. 

Hate crimes declined statewide in 2018 (after increasing for three straight years), but are still up in Los Angeles, where Black and LGBTQ people have primarily been targeted, and in Orange County, where Jewish people, Latinxs and people of Middle Eastern descent have primarily been targeted. “Experts have said the increase can be linked to President Trump’s vitriolic rhetoric toward minorities and the resurgence of hate groups across the state.”