Our Mission

To build a strategic, diverse, powerful and permanent progressive movement in California supported by a network of committed donors.


Our Vision

California is a healthy, just place to live with shared economic success and security and a democracy that works for all its people.

The California Donor Table Fund funding model is unique in the state. Members make a financial contribution, significant for them, that is aggregated with others to catalyze large-scale change.

We bring a powerful approach to social change investment, creating and supporting organizations, funding advocacy work and developing progressive leaders; our goal is to build a sustainable movement that will win over the long term. We believe that solving our biggest problems requires the best minds at the table and a deep commitment of resources.

Our aligned investments ensure that:

  • ALL VOTERS — including people of color, women, immigrants and young people — are registered, informed and vote up and down the ballot.
  • Progressives tell a unified STORY OF OUR VISION.
  • Activists, community leaders and donors are ORGANIZED AND HEARD by decision-makers.
  • We DEVELOP PROGRESSIVE LEADERS who represent our communities, share our values and champion them once year-round.
  • We have community-driven PROGRESSIVE POLICY AGENDAS, backed by research, to inform decision-makers and hold them accountable.


Meet Our Staff! 

CDTF is a project of Tides, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.